Volume 1 Issue 1

Veterinary Emergency Medicine Hits TV
A popular television show, "Emergency Vets" features veterinary professionals at AAHA-accredited Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Colorado, who work around the clock to care for pets in need.

From providing emergency care to regular check-ups and specialty medicine, these professionals have captured the attention of the world with their work to heal sick pets - from snakes to cats and dogs. The show has been on television for 10 seasons. [Read More]

Passing the Test: AAHA Accreditation Means Quality Care for Pets
Your veterinary clinic is part of an exclusive circle. Ask your veterinary professionals about the American Animal Hospital Association's accreditation stands for practice excellence. [Read More]

Safeguard Your Pets' Health with Wellness Exams
Wellness exams - recommended twice per year - can extend the length and quality of your pet's life. These exams can identify healthcare issues before they become severe, and are recognized as one of the best ways to keep pets healthy and happy! [Read More]

The "D" in DVM Stands for Doctor: Meet Your Veterinary Professionals
To earn the title veterinarian, professionals who safeguard pet and public health complete extra coursework and four years of medical school. The profession, which dates back to 1800 B.C., has changed significantly in many ways! [Read More]

Kids Save the Day...
Healthcare solutions sometimes come in small packages! Veterinarians recognize the valuable information that children can provide in the exam room. Read about one veterinarian who learned a lesson she will never forget - when an eight-year-old child saved the day. [Read More]

Is Your Pet in Pain? Signs Speak Louder Than Words
Veterinary professionals encourage pet owners to act like Sherlock Holmes! Subtle changes in a pet's behavior may signal pain. If pet owners keep a close eye on pets for small and large changes, which could indicate pain, veterinarians - and their team members - can help treat the issue. [Read More]

Three Minutes a Day Can Protect Your Pet
Read about one pet owner whose cat brings her a toothbrush. "She likes to have her teeth brushed," the owner says. Taking three minutes out of your day - to brush a pet's teeth - can benefit your pet in more ways than one! [Read More]

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