Volume 2 Issue 1

Faces of the Profession: From DVM to Miss America and Television Correspondent
Veterinarian Debbye Turner became Miss America in 1990, and now works as a CBS correspondent, covering pet-related stories and reaching three million viewers. She encourages students to spend time in veterinary clinics to see if they have the patience required to work with frightened animals and hopes that pet owners will be the "eyes and ears" of their veterinarians while they're at home - watching closely for signs of illness. [Read More]

Diet Do's and Don'ts for Your Pets: How to Provide a Balanced Diet
Veterinarians encourage pet owners to keep their pets slim and avoid issues with obesity - and morbid obesity - a medical condition that can lead to serious health problems. Read more about diet and how to choose the right pet foods in this issue of PetsMatter. There is also an article about a new obesity drug, scheduled to hit veterinary shelves this spring or summer, in this issue.
    The drug - called Slentrol - is intended for morbidly obese dogs, like Precious shown here. A full story on Slentrol is posted in this issue under the "Tips of the Trade" headline.  -Photograph from Pfizer Animal Health. [Read More]

Consent Forms Open Lines of Communication Between Pet Owners and Doctors
Consent forms, which are used more commonly in AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals, are described by pet owners as helpful educational tools. The forms generate questions about procedures and raise issues about follow-up healthcare. [Read More]

He Said/She Said: What Doctors Say/What Clients Hear
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can alleviate pain associated with arthritis and joint problems in dogs. To make sure your dog is a good candidate, veterinarians advise pre-testing and regular follow-ups to avoid side-effects that can, if not treated, be fatal. [Read More]

When Pets Go Missing... Pet Detectives to the Rescue!
Private Investigator Karen Goin uses a team of highly-trained canines to find cats and dogs that are lost or stolen from their homes. Short but sweet messages on colorful posters are one of the best ways to find pets, and Goin encourages pet owners to start seeking missing pets right away. [Read More]

You Asked, We Answered!
Did you know?? AAHA-accredited veterinarians answer questions about what diseases pets can pass to family members if they are not protected. [Read More]

Veterinary Technicians: Valued Professionals
Not all technicians are created equal. Learn more about credentialed veterinary technicians - the professionals who provide pet owners - and their pets - with high-level medical care and the best service possible in AAHA-accredited clinics. AND don't miss the first installment of the kid-friendly comic strip "Adventures of Super Hamster!" [Read More]

Tips of the Trade: Pet Food Secrets
With hundreds of new pet food choices on the market, AAHA-accredited veterinarians give pet owners tips on how to find the best food out there and what they should be looking for when they shop. The secret to success? Talk with your veterinary professionals about which food - and how much - is right for your pet. [Read More]

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