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Veterinary Author Helps Ease Children's Fears of Surgery with Popular Book and Plush Toy
Thousands of children around the country have benefitted from the story of Josh, a golden retriever that goes through surgery and tells his story in a book titled "I'll Be O.K" written by veterinarian Randy Lange after his nine-year-old daughter went into the hospital to have her tonsils out. The goal is to allay fears about going into the hospital for surgery. [Read More]

Tap Veterinary Resource: Doctors, Technicians Best Info. Source on Food Recall
Pet owners are encouraged to contact their veterinary professionals with all questions and concerns regarding the recent Menu Foods recall of many different brands.

* Safety Alert for Pet Owners * Food Recall *

Doctors urge their clients to err on the side of caution and call with all questions regarding the health of their pets. A contaminant in foods produced by Menu Foods from December through March 2007 may cause kidney failure and death in pets. [Read More]

Heartworm in Cats and Dogs: Don't Let This Parasite Worm Its Way into Your Pet's Heart or Lungs
New studies change the way veterinarians approach heartworm disease. At one time heartworm disease was limited to hot, humid areas of the country but today it is found in cats, dogs, ferrets, wolves, and many other animals in all 50 states. To heighten awareness about the need for prevention, the American Heartworm Society is taking its message to the streets with a new campaign titled "Know More Heartworms." [Read More]

Could Your Pet Have Allergies? Tell-Tale Signs And Available Treatments
Watch your pets for signs of allergies, which can be caused by pollen, fleas, food, and products. Unlike people, who sneeze or get watery eyes if they're allergic to something, pets most frequently get itchy skin though frequent ear infections can also be a sign, according to veterinary experts. [Read More]

A Guide to Web Surfing: Where to Find Good Pet-Related Info.
Veterinary practices encourage their clients to research medical options for their pets, and many provide their clients with trusted websites to visit. Veterinary professionals share a few tips on how pet owners can get "plugged in" to the best information online. [Read More]

Pet Allergies: Veterinary Experts Get to the Root of the Problem
To catch pet allergies early, pet owners are encouraged to report any signs of discomfort (like excess licking or scratching) to veterinary professionals. Figuring out what causes allergies can be tricky, but patient and dedicated pet owners who provide details about changes in behavior and routine are the key to unraveling the mystery. [Read More]

Practice Managers: A Veterinary Spotlight
Meet the veterinary professionals: Practice managers enhance client experience at the veterinary clinic but do most of their work behind-the-scenes. [Read More]

Client Lists Improve Pet Health
AAHA-accredited practices welcome questions from their clients because doctors and technicians, as well as front-office personnel know that questions are a sign of caring. Lists help everyone stay on the same page when it comes to pet health. [Read More]

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