Volume 2 Issue 3

Veterinary Exhibits at Children's Museums Educate Children About Pet Care
Recognizing the important role children play in the health and well-being of pets, veterinarians are helping create veterinary exhibits that educate children about pet health as well as entertain.
   Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM, helped Children's Museum in Denver create a unique environment where kids read x-rays, fill-out charts, and wear white coats just like doctors. [Read More]

AAHA Accreditation Counts
When it comes to selecting a veterinary practice, quality-conscious pet owners choose AAHA-accredited clinics. The accredited logo, shown here, is a mark of excellence in the industry. It shows that your hospital passed a rigorous test. Not all clinics can say the same. [Read More]

Dog Bites: Easy Ways to Protect, Educate Children
Education and caution can help prevent your child from becoming a statistic. Here are a few tips on how to teach children how to approach and handle dogs. [Read More]

Consult Veterinary Professionals to Ensure Worry-free Kennel Care
To make sure your pets are well cared for while you're on vacation, ask your trusted veterinary professionals for suggestions on kennels and at-home care. Knowing what questions to ask a kennel can ensure the safety of your pet while you're away. [Read More]

Leptospirosis Vaccine: Protecting Pets and People
Leptospirosis affects you and your pets. Ask your veterinary professionals whether the vaccine is right for your dog today. Have cases of Leptospirosis been reported in your area? The answer may surprise you. [Read More]

Trust Your Veterinary Professionals: A Message From the Field
Establishing Trust: One veterinarian talks about a unique aspect to the healthcare team at veterinary clinics. [Read More]

Zoonotic Disease: Controlling Sand Monsters
Parasites that cause zoonotic disease - those shared by pets and people - lurk in unlikely places like sandboxes and playgrounds. Ask your veterinary professionals about these diseases and ways to protect yourself and your family! [Read More]

Kidney Testing Advised for Pets That Ate Recalled Food
Possible long-term side effects from the pet food recall could include kidney-related problems for pets that ate tainted food, say veterinary specialists. To catch problems early, doctors suggest tests to assess blood and kidney function. Talk with your veterinary professionals to learn more. [Read More]

Share Your Stories: How Your Pets Matter to You
Here is an opportunity for you to tell the world - or at least a group of quality-conscious pet owners like yourself - how much your pet matters to you and your family! We would like to hear how much your pets matter to you... so shout it from the rooftops by emailing us your stories... [Read More]

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