Volume 2 Issue 4

AAHA-Accredited Veterinarian in Florida Provides Disabled Students with Skills, Smiles
Patients at the Animal Medical Center in Florida get extra-special attention from high school students who volunteer their time at the AAHA-accredited facility, which has partnered with a special education program for the last 15 years. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Who's Monitoring Your Pet Under Anesthesia?
Important medical procedures—like surgery and dental cleanings—require anesthesia, which requires constant monitoring of vital signs, such as breathing and heart rate. Clients who take their pets to AAHA-accredited practices can rest easy knowing that pets receive regular monitoring with equipment as well as veterinary personnel when they are under anesthesia. [Read More]

Whispers You Want Your Dog to Hear
Violet, a hospital therapy dog, demonstrates positive behaviors to pets enrolled in training classes at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, an AAHA-accredited hospital in Colorado. Violet is the assistant of dog trainer Eric Gillaspy who works at the Canine Academy, which is located within the practice so that Gillaspy can work closely with the veterinarians to rule out problems that may mask medical illnesses. [Read More]

Make Time for Play and Prevent Behavior Problems in Cats
Establishing positive playtime with cats — even five or ten minutes a day — reduces stress and may prevent play aggression, a common behavior complaint, say veterinary experts, who have learned that cats — like dogs — benefit from owner interaction. [Read More]

Protect Your Pets from Cancer: Learn the Facts, Watch for the Signs
Before her dog Dawson was diagnosed with cancer, Kristen Crawford (shown to the right) did not know how common the disease was in dogs. Statistics about cancer in dogs are scary but pet owners can protect their furry friends by arming themselves with knowledge. A new educational campaign, launched by the Morris Animal Foundation, helps identify the types of cancer that are common in particular dog breeds. Arm yourself with knowledge today! [Read More]

Pet Euthanasia: The Last Stage of Care for Beloved Pets
Veterinary professionals recognize how emotionally difficult euthanasia is for pet owners. These medical experts are in the best position to help you determine what is in the best interest of your pet. Asking questions about his/her quality of life is an important factor when you are making this decision. Get the help you deserve! [Read More]

Clients Tell All: How Their Pets Matter
Barbara Varhol, who has three pets, shares a brief story about how Hallie, Max, and Samantha have enriched her life. She takes her furry friends to AAHA-accredited Johnson County Animal Clinic in Kansas. [Read More]

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