Volume 2 Issue 5

Dancing Dog Competitions Delight Pets and Owners, Provide Bonding Opportunities
Dogs of all shapes and sizes are participating in dance competitions across North America. The increasingly popular sport provides dogs and their owners with a fun activity that enhances the human/animal bond and provides necessary exercise, say veterinary experts. Learn more about the sport, the World Canine Freestyle Organization, and the people who say that once you start dancing you'll never want to stop! [Read More]

Dog Parks: What You Should Know Before You Go
Talk with your veterinary team about the pros and cons of taking puppies, and grown dogs, to dog parks near your house. A few tips from the professionals can ensure that your next trip is truly a fun walk in the park. [Read More]

Emergency Fees: Veterinary Professionals Provide Round-the-Clock Care
In times of emergency, pet owners should know which veterinary clinics are open and what fees are charged for unexpected visits. Sometimes health conditions worsen during the night, or pets need to be seen by a medical professional at a moment’s notice. Veterinary professionals work at all hours to protect your pet’s health. Pet owners, like Jennifer Donat (shown here with her dog Pixie) tell their stories about how emergency veterinary care helped save their pets’ lives. Whether it is a bee sting or a case of pneumonia, pets benefit from round-the-clock care. [Read More]

Veterinary Specialists: Why Doctors Refer
Veterinary professionals put patient care first. The tight-knit community of doctors may suggest a visit to a colleague who has expertise in one area, such as cancer or surgery. Talk with your veterinary team to learn more about all of the healthcare options that are available to you and your pets. [Read More]

Get the Scoop: Q&A From AAHA Veterinarians
Got questions about how the cold affects cats and dogs? Whether you are travelling to a colder climate or live in a snowy area, we have tips for you and your furry friends from Linda Workman, DVM, CVA, CCRP, a veterinary advisor for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). [Read More]

Faces of the Veterinary Profession
John Kuitu, DVM, knew he wanted to be a veterinarian when he was seven-years-old. He credits his mother for his love of animals and a rewarding career in the animal wellness profession. [Read More]

Pet Owners Warned About Buying Drugs Online
Veterinary experts from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warn pet owners about the medical risks associated with buying drugs online from discount companies. [Read More]

Accredited Practices Assess Pets for Pain
AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals assess pets for pain and provide pain management programs to improve quality of life. Not all veterinary hospitals are created equal: Accreditation matters! [Read More]

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