Volume 3 Issue 1

VIDAS: Veterinary Volunteers Find Work Exhausting, Energizing
Veterinarians, who take oaths to help pets in need, continue to extend their realm of influence through volunteer opportunities. One organization, called VIDAS, has helped more than 3,000 pets in Mexican cities over the last three years. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Don't Catch This!
Protocols at AAHA-accredited hospitals protect you and your pet from contagious diseases. Even if your pet is not sick, you and your pet will benefit from the AAHA Standards of Contagious Disease. They help ensure that your pet won’t be exposed to a sick pet that has a contagious disease while at the hospital. The trained veterinary team takes every precaution to contain disease to keep you and your pet healthy. [Read More]

Clients Protected by Pet Lemon Laws, Veterinarians Help with Pre-Sale Exams
Fifteen states have adopted legislation to protect consumers from buying pets with pre-existing conditions that can take an emotional and financial toll on owners. [Read More]

Routine Blood Tests Save Lives, Dollars
It isn’t always obvious when a pet is sick, but the information gained through routine blood testing helps veterinarians identify and treat illnesses before they become unmanageable. [Read More]

In the Spotlight: Veterinary Technician Specialists
Technicians specializing in emergency and critical care, anesthesia, dentistry, or internal medicine provide invaluable medical care for pets with serious or complex health issues and enjoy greater job satisfaction as a result. [Read More]

Faces of the Veterinary Profession
From the military to the White House, Jason Pieper brings a wealth of experience to his new career as veterinarian. Pieper says “dumb luck” originally led him to a job as a veterinary technician, but inspired by the veterinarians he worked with, he decided to return to school and is now one year away from his DVM. [Read More]

Q&A from AAHA Veterinarians: Grooming Tips
Paul West, DVM, offers tips for keeping your pets clean and their skin healthy. [Read More]

High-Rise Syndrome
Veterinarians, along with the ASPCA, are alerting cat owners to High-Rise Syndrome — the phenomenon of cats falling from high elevations. Owners are urged to secure and maintain screens and seek immediate treatment for injured pets. [Read More]

Kids Corner: Who Does Your Puppy Look Like?
"Puppy's First Years: A Scrapbook and More" may be purchased at some AAHA practices. [Read More]

Share Your Stories: How Your Pets Matter to You
Here is an opportunity for you to tell the world — or at least a group of quality-conscious pet owners like yourself — how much your pet matters to you and your family! We would like to hear how much your pets matter to you... so shout it from the rooftops by emailing us your stories... [Read More]

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