Volume 3 Issue 2

The U.S. Army Veterinary Corps Protects 750,000 Animals — and You
PetsMatter shines the spotlight on veterinarians in the armed forces and talks to Capt. Robert Hawley, DVM, about the challenges and rewards of being the only military veterinarian in Turkey. In addition to caring for the working animals and pets on military bases, the Army Veterinary Corps protects public health in host countries and the U.S. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Healthier Practices, Healthier Pets
Debbie Gadomski, head of the AAHA accreditation team says, “Accreditation is like a physical exam for a veterinary hospital,” but not all animal hospitals are accredited. Here’s what it takes, what it means, and why you should care. [Read More]

The Golden Years: A Little More Care Goes a Long Way for Senior Cats and Dogs
Behavior changes in your senior pet might be the first sign of pain or illness. Many pet owners overlook these subtle changes or attribute them to “just getting old.” Knowing what to look for and tracking shifts in your pet’s appetite, habits, and energy can help your veterinarian improve your pet’s quality of life and detect age-related illnesses before they become untreatable. [Read More]

Pain Management: Integrative Medicine Offers Safe, Effective Options
Integrating conventional veterinary medicine with alternative therapies gives pet owners more options. Far from rejecting Western medicine, veterinarians who practice holistic medicine embrace a variety of therapies to effectively treat patients. [Read More]

Preventing Lyme Disease: A Broad-Spectrum Approach
According to the Lyme Disease Foundation, multiple diseases can be contracted from a single tick bite, and Lyme disease, the most common of these infections, has been reported in all 50 states. Tick-borne illnesses are on the rise, and it is increasingly important to talk to your veterinary team about ways to protect your pets. Tick repellants are effective and widely available, but on their own, they may not be enough. [Read More]

Faces of the Veterinary Profession: Forensic Veterinarian Melinda Merck
Working with the ASPCA, Dr. Merck combines her medical and anthropological training with her love of animals to put abusers behind bars. [Read More]

Living with FIV: Tips for Keeping Positive Cats Healthy
FIV is a species-specific virus, and infected animals do not pose a threat to human health. Appropriate veterinary care, with an eye toward preventing and treating secondary infections, can improve the prognosis of your FIV-positive cat. [Read More]

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