Volume 3 Issue 3

Pets a Go Go:
Tips for Traveling with Fido and Fluffy

Summer means vacation and travel, and we all know how our animal companions feel about being left behind. If you don’t want your vacation to turn into a guilt-trip, remember that traveling successfully with your pet involves preparation and thoughtful planning. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Surgical Protocols Reassure Pet Owners
The American Animal Hospital Association’s Standards of Accreditation include protocols designed to keep your pet safe and healthy during surgical procedures. Guidelines to prevent cross-contamination simultaneously protect patients on the other side of the door. [Read More]

Buckle Up Your Barker: Pet Seat Belts Save Lives
Click it or Ticket? Bark-BuckleUp, a new consumer group advocating for pet seat belt laws, brings awareness to the hazards of driving with unrestrained animals in the car. [Read More]

Mites and Mange: When an Itch Isn't Just an Itch
Sarcoptic mange, a condition caused by mites, is highly contagious and difficult to treat. Although mites can be eliminated and mange is generally not life threatening, humans can be affected. Learn what to watch for before these pests get under your skin. [Read More]

Faces of the Veterinary Profession:
Cancer Studies Put Khanna at Research Forefront

Twelve million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer every year. At the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Chand Khanna researches and treats cancer in pets that have not benefited from other therapies, and he is helping people in the process. [Read More]

MRSA: Is It Time to Panic?
MRSA — a notorious strain of staph — is no longer confined to hospitals and nursing facilities, where it was discovered decades ago. The bacteria can cause serious infections in pets as well as people and is resistant to broad-spectrum antibiotics. [Read More]

Anaplasmosis: The Unsung Tick Disease
With just one bite, ticks can infect your pet with multiple diseases. Anaplasmosis, an emerging illness, is transmitted by the same ticks that carry Lyme disease. Know the signs and protect your pet because left untreated, tick diseases can have dire consequences. [Read More]

Is Your Pet in Pain?
Whether your pet is injured, arthritic, or recovering from surgery, treating the pain is essential to maintaining a high quality of life and can even speed recovery. Be alert for subtle signs of pain and talk to your veterinarian about safe, effective treatments. [Read More]

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