Volume 3 Issue 4

No More Mug Shots:
Microchipping Replaces “Lost Pet” Posters

Of the10 million pets that get lost each year, only 17% of the dogs and 2% of the cats are ever recovered. That’s where microchipping comes in. It’s quick, safe, inexpensive — and more effective than plastering the neighborhood with Lost Pet posters. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Routine Laboratory Tests Expose Hidden Ailments
Veterinarians use lab tests to routinely monitor your pet’s health, to diagnose a disease or condition, and to measure the effects of a medication or treatment plan. Sometimes these tests deliver surprises. Read about two pets whose lives were saved when routine lab tests uncovered hidden ailments. [Read More]

No more pilling fights?
What if, instead of fighting with your pet every day for two weeks, you could ask your veterinarian to give your pet a single shot? [Read More]

Living with Feline Leukemia
Feline leukemia (FeLV) is a widespread, incurable virus. Not all cats exposed to the virus will become infected, and of the ones that do, approximately one third will eliminate the virus on their own and develop immunity. However, the majority of FeLV-positive cats succumb to cancer or opportunistic infections.
      Use these tips to help your FeLV-positive cat live as comfortably as possible — and prevent other cats from becoming infected. [Read More]

Pain Management in the ICU:
What does it mean for your pet?

The hours immediately following surgery are crucial when it comes to managing your pet’s pain. Learn what you and your veterinary practice team can and should do to keep your pet’s pain under control in the intensive care unit and during the recovery process. [Read More]

A Day for Dogs
Responsible Dog Ownership Day, observed throughout the month of September,  is a perfect opportunity to check your pet care routines against what veterinarians recommend and recommit to doing what it takes every day to ensure your pet’s well-being. [Read More]

Nutrients and Nutraceuticals:
What Does Your Pet Need?

Nutritional supplements make up one of the fastest growing segments of the pet product industry. It’s estimated that nearly one in five pet owners give some kind of nonprescription supplement to their dog or cat. Are they right for your pet? [Read More]

The Wellness Technician:
Your Pet’s Personal Health Coach

As your ally in wellness care, veterinary technicians provide you with the information and instructions you need to keep your pet well. How can you tap into the wealth of knowledge your technician is eager to share? Ask! [Read More]

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