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Welcome to the AAHA Austin 2016 Reviewer Site

We are thrilled to welcome you as a reviewer for the AAHA Austin 2016 conference.
As a member of this group, your responsibility will be to critically review proposals that are put forward by industry speakers interested in presenting at the 2016 conference. You have each been asked to serve because we believe that with your experience and expertise, you will add tremendous value by providing candid feedback about the proposals. Just as your feedback will be kept confidential by AAHA, we ask that as a member of the review body, you also keep the content of the proposals confidential as well.
As you know, AAHA is committed to being a leader in providing unique, highly informative educational sessions. Our objective is to combine an exceptional educational experience for our attendees with an atmosphere where veterinary colleagues can socialize and network on academic or practical clinical issues. We are looking for high quality presentations of current information that is practical and relevant for all members of the veterinary care team. We are also interested in presenting content in different formats other than the standard didactic lecture. Please note that the session length has been increased to 100 minutes, to allow for more interactivity.
If you need anything or have any questions about the group or your role as a reviewer, please feel free to contact AAHA’s Veterinary & Professional Education Manager, Erin Newport, at 800-252-2242 x484 or
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